Saturday, February 25, 2012

pray for me, will you?

So, I just checked my timeline on twitter when suddenly, someone tweet about Super Junior will come to Indonesia for SS4. Yeah, that was shocking me! You all know that I'm very looooove super junior right? huhu well, that news made me more confused beside of happy. How couldn't? Its said that Suju will come to Indonesia on April, perhaps. And the ticket about 1 month again for sale. 

I don't have money! And it so hard for me to ask my parents for money. Not because my parents wouldn't give me, but as a good girl, I feel hesitate to my parents.
I'm sooo fucked up right now. I'm confused about what to do to get a lot of money  in a quick and halal way, for sure. Any idea? If not, would you just pray for me? :")

Well, this is me currently
Am I sloppy? or better than before?

*anyway, i will make a posting rarely here. Blame school! hihi :-P & if you miss me (confident lvl: OVER) you can follow my miniblog (twitter) here

Me, sign out. ADIOS AMIGOS! :*

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hello people!

Feels like a loooong time no post here. Well, actually not that long-_-
I'm not busy. I just... don't have any idea what kind of post I will present to you here.
Maybe, i'm little bit depressed. Ha Ha. just skip

Well, recently, I took many photos. It's not really good but... yeah, let's see ;)

my sister

my brother

me and Rere

that's all.
Ha ha I'll see you on next post ;)
Oh, almost forget! HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012 everyone :D